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Masters of Disguise

by Ian Reed
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In Masters of Disguise, players are agents on a mission to score the most points without being caught.

During each "mission" (round), players will equip themselves with spy gear that may, or may not, be worth points for them. Your mission, is to discover your opposing agents' true identities!

Use the spy gear cards to gather clues about the other agents, and eliminate them before they eliminate you.
This part is tricky, as your spy gear will self-destruct as you use it. Be wise with your tools, because some of the spy gear will be worth points for you, while keeping other cards will disguise your identity.

Masters of Disguise is a fast paced card game for 2 to 5 players, with information sneaking around the table constantly. Use your intuition and your guile to distinguish the bluffs from the real information, and you will be the Master of Disguise!

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