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Our Mission - 

Yodeo Games' ultimate goal is to provide a great play experience . This starts with quality gameplay, great stories, and great art. With our games, we aim to present players with new challenges, draw people into different worlds, encounter different creatures, and create fun relationships with many of the characters in each environment, as well as the characters sitting across the table. 

Characters such as ourselves. We are gamers at heart, and as such we will always strive for a candid, casual atmosphere on our site, as well as with those of you who drop us a line from time to time.

We are a company that believes the gamer community is one that is very important, and we create games to help strengthen it.

Meet the people behind the games.

Ian Reed - President, Lead game designer, Art director
With backgrounds of managing for Wizards of the Coast and a degree at Hussian School of Art, Ian is the leader of Yodeo Games. He creates the original concepts for the mechanics of the games, directs the look and feel to artists, and with the help of Danny and George, brings them to the table. He also makes sure that emails are answered, the website maintained, orders filled, production completed, seriously it goes on. Yet, even with that busy schedule, this guy games every chance he gets.

Dan Yee - Game Designer
Dan is a personal friend of Ian's from way back when Wizards of the Coast had retail stores, a little over ten years ago. Together they ran everything from Magic: The Gathering tournaments to Warhammer 40k painting classes. These days, Dan plays a pivotal role in making sure that the rules and mechanics of each game are easy, fair, and fun. ....That is, when he's not playing computer games, or telling Ian to stop eating all his chips.

George Tan - Writer, Artist, Concept designer
George was also a graduate of Hussian School of Art. During that time, he and Ian were often in competition with each other. Not only in art, but also playing Magic: the Gathering in the school store during lunch. Today, it could be said that if Yodeo Games was Cobra Command, then George would be Destro. He's able to take each project, and with his own artistic approach, add his own twists and flavors and explode them into something awesome.

324 Gwynedd Court Exton, PA 19341 U.S.A. 610.996.7137