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"Strategy Converted" - Gameplay Dynamics

I want to give a final "Strategy Converted" to you all to say thank you to all of those who have kept up with the articles. These are from my book (well not really a book...yet) of game dynamics that I use when playing people. You will see the names of the pieces from parts 1-9 in this series, so if you are unsure about something, then check out that pieces page for strengths! The Elephant GraveyardSounds gruesome, but this strategy relies heavily on reclaiming the board with the Elephant buried at the very bottom. It also uses the Turtle..  - Read More

Strategy Converted #9 - The Turtle

The last, but certainly not the least, this slow little guy has finally decided to pop his head out! The TurtleLittle though he may be, this is one of the most aggressive pieces in the game. The ability to raise any single space on the board by two levels can keep your opponent out of that square for a couple turns. On a square board, covering any square means you are always within two rows, and the turtle likes to take those rows away! He can also raise the lowest squares on the board to be able to meet your..  - Read More

Strategy Converted #8 - The Crab

During July, with all of the cookouts and BBQ's that the summer brings, we couldn't help but introduce this next delicious little piece. The CrabThis piece is similar to the Bird on one side, but on the "head" side, you can really cause a stacking headache for your opponent! The "head" is higher than the "claws", and its only one square wide, so your opponent might have to waste their snail or their beetle to build on the the crab! Scoring:Simply put, the Crab's scoring works just like the Bird's. The Crab is 2 squares long on one row, and..  - Read More

Strategy Converted #7 - The Bird

This next piece will be flying in to cause a whole flock of trouble! What kind of bird are you playing, the early bird...or the vulture? The BirdThe "wings" of this piece can do more than just score, they can help you read what your opponent is thinking and how they tend to react to the things you are doing. Play the Bird, and then watch exactly what your opponent does next. Scoring:Similar to the Llamas, this piece covers an "L" shape of three squares. This means that it plays 2 squares on 2 rows. That should be good enough..  - Read More

Strategy Converted #6 - The Caterpillar

This next little guy is similar to the Beetle (Strategy Converted #3), but a little more ready to score and square, so he should be sure to really bug your opponent! The CaterpillarBeing small can have its advantages in Convert. For one, you are easy to play. Another being that you can be opportunistic in the ruining of your opponents blueprint for success! Scoring:Being two squares long and one level tall, the Caterpillar can get you an easy point here and there, but the power of Caterpillar is really released in the re-converting of your old squares. It plays just..  - Read More

Strategy Converted #5 - The Snake

It's one of the worlds most feared animals, and certainly the bane of Indiana Jones. However, in Convert, the Snake will certainly charm you! The Snake The Snake is the longest flat sided piece in the game, and can stretch into scoring rows that the other pieces can only dream about. While its easy enough to play on the Snake's "back", your opponent will have to look out for the "head"! Scoring: When you first begin the game, you might notice that the Snake is the only piece can can score on the first turn for the white player, and..  - Read More

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