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Convert Monthly #10: Buried Treasure! *Play Variant*

So you have finished your game of Convert, now what? Dump all the pieces and start again? How about this, a new way of playing Convert, where you tear down the board AFTER is has been built!  Being close to Halloween, this month's theme has inspiration from a popular Halloween costume: PIRATES! Do you remember where "X" was on your map? You might need to with this month's game! Buried Treasure! Setup: Either use the final form of a normal game of Convert, or build a construct using all the pieces.Objective: Remove pieces from the board, and have more of your color..  - Read More

Convert Monthly #9: The Eliminator

I know, I know, "Jeeze, it's about time!" A week into September to wait for the next Convert Monthly! Our appologies. The reason: Job hunting. While I would love to have our games be 100% of our living income, its just not the case, so I had to supplement it. Such as life. No more worries though, as I have both a new "day job" AND a new Convert Monthly, with many more in the pipeline! That said, this month is actually a pretty cool one. It is one of my favorites, as it is very "chessy". So let's jump right into it! The Eliminator: In..  - Read More

Convert Monthly #8: The Game Changer *2-player Game!*

We are now back from GenCon, one of the largest games conventions in the U.S. It was a 5 day event for us that went from July 29 to August 4. After playing the "recovering from GenCon game", we would like to bring you August's Convert Monthly!   Note: since we have a number of actual games as well as puzzles, we have changed the name of this article to simply be "Convert Monthly" going forward. The theme this month is "Change", and the scoreboard actually plays a vital role as a playing piece in this game we are calling... The..  - Read More

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