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Convert is now available!

The kickstarter is done, we are finishing up shipping to backers, and people have been asking for HERE IT IS! CONVERT IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Wow. A successful game launch! We feel unbelievably lucky and grateful to all who have been a part of this and have made it happen. So thankful, in fact that we included the helpers (backers, family and friends) on a credits panel, found right when you open the box! Ahem, pardon the grainy cellphone pictures...   We are also now on shelves in stores too! While some stores are waiting on shipping, we were..  - Read More

Origins 2013 Recap, Plus 1 Week Into Kickstarter!

Origins was great fun this year and we definitely had many memorable moments. We met up with the crew from Slugfest Games and had a blast with them! One of the nights consisted of us frantically playing "Escape: The Curse of the Temple". It pretty much went like this: Everyone quick! Roll keys! AAGGH! I'm stuck with black masks! Free me with a gold mask! RUN, Into the next room!! ...Wait...was that the GONG?! AAGHH!! QUICK RUN TO THE EXIT!!!! I'M GOING TO DIEEE!!! Heh, yep! Just like that. Such a great friendship with those guys also led to an..  - Read More

Convert is on!

Today we arrived at Origins in Ohio, and we got settled in, and helped our friends at Slugfest Games and they totally rocked with dinner!(hence the news post at almost 10pm). We also want to announce today started our first step in bringing our games to you! Convert is our star project that we are going to be doing demos with at Origins. Starting at 6pm on Thursday, we will be participating with at Protozone in the Board Room, so come by and check us out! You can support us and help us realize our dream at Our Convert kickstarter page!..  - Read More

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