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Convert on the way.

Well, we would have liked for this to be "here" rather than "almost here" but we can confirm that Convert is now completely finished on the production end. The hiccup? Freight forwarding. Not to worry though, they are on their way, as we have it straightened out now. Unfortunately it will be a little later than we, and you, had planned.For this we apologize, as we know that this was something that many of our kickstarter backers had meant to be Christmas presents for friends and family members. Also, many who weren't backers were looking forward to being able to..  - Read More

Convert: The Papercraft Can Scratch The Itch!

We've been receiving messages every now and then, asking how production for our latest kickstarter "Convert" is going. We are pleased to say that it won't be long, (about a week) until we get the production sample. We are excited to get it and to take pictures of it so you can see the progress! It has been a joy for us to see that people are itching to play convert, and while everyone patiently waits for the the real thing, we wanted to introduce something that will scratch that itch!: (cue the Trumpets of Awesomeness!) Now those who have..  - Read More

GenCon 2013 wrap up!

This year was a busy year for Yodeo Games in a bunch of different ways! We had taken the time to meet face to face with a bunch of our Convert kickstarter backers. They all gave awesome compliments, and are eager to receive their copy when they arrive!It was also a good opportunity to do short Q&A's with them.The most common asked question was simply: "What stage of the process are you in?" (or something to that effect). We are happy to announce that we will be receiving production samples in the next 10-12 days, and we will most certainly..  - Read More

"Strategy Converted" - Gameplay Dynamics

I want to give a final "Strategy Converted" to you all to say thank you to all of those who have kept up with the articles. These are from my book (well not really a book...yet) of game dynamics that I use when playing people. You will see the names of the pieces from parts 1-9 in this series, so if you are unsure about something, then check out that pieces page for strengths! The Elephant GraveyardSounds gruesome, but this strategy relies heavily on reclaiming the board with the Elephant buried at the very bottom. It also uses the Turtle..  - Read More

Strategy Converted #9 - The Turtle

The last, but certainly not the least, this slow little guy has finally decided to pop his head out! The TurtleLittle though he may be, this is one of the most aggressive pieces in the game. The ability to raise any single space on the board by two levels can keep your opponent out of that square for a couple turns. On a square board, covering any square means you are always within two rows, and the turtle likes to take those rows away! He can also raise the lowest squares on the board to be able to meet your..  - Read More

Strategy Converted #8 - The Crab

During July, with all of the cookouts and BBQ's that the summer brings, we couldn't help but introduce this next delicious little piece. The CrabThis piece is similar to the Bird on one side, but on the "head" side, you can really cause a stacking headache for your opponent! The "head" is higher than the "claws", and its only one square wide, so your opponent might have to waste their snail or their beetle to build on the the crab! Scoring:Simply put, the Crab's scoring works just like the Bird's. The Crab is 2 squares long on one row, and..  - Read More

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