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Convert Monthly Puzzle #7: Control Towers *2-player Game!*

DexCon 18 is here and we have a new game you can play with the Convert blocks! If you are in the Morristown, New Jersey area (in particular, The Hyatt), come try it out! One of the things people ask us when learning how to play the standard game, is if placing a piece will take away a point from their opponent. We created a new game of taking control where you actually CAN fight for squares! Enjoy this month's new game, and have a great July 4th :) Control Towers... While the normal game of Convert plays from a birds..  - Read More

Origins 2015: After the dust settles

Whew! What a blast Origins was this year. It was even more of an important event for us because this was the FIRST large (over 2000 people) convention for Yodeo Games! This year, Origins set a new record with close to 16 thousand unique badges (and close to 40 thousand on turnstile), so we knew we were going to have our hands full! Our FIRST day:We (Devon and I) pulled into the loading dock with all of our booth stuff: shelves, tables, chairs, signs and ... oh! This would have been a crappy multiple trip load in, due to the..  - Read More

Doing Dreamation 2015 right.

If you remember how much of a scramble Dreamation 2014 was for us, then 2015 will look like a well oiled machine! This year's Dreamation went off without a hitch, but that didn't keep the interesting stories from happening... THE FIRST DAY: It started before Dreamation even happened, when I had received my Convert events schedule e-mail. Now, I thought that 10-12m meant 10am to 12pM, so I woke up at 5:30am, and drove up to Morristown, NJ.   Once I had arrived, I loaded up my hand truck with the details to my booth, and in a very relaxed manner, strolled down to the..  - Read More

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