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GenCon 2013 wrap up!

This year was a busy year for Yodeo Games in a bunch of different ways!

We had taken the time to meet face to face with a bunch of our Convert kickstarter backers. They all gave awesome compliments, and are eager to receive their copy when they arrive!

It was also a good opportunity to do short Q&A's with them.The most common asked question was simply: "What stage of the process are you in?" (or something to that effect). We are happy to announce that we will be receiving production samples in the next 10-12 days, and we will most certainly be taking loads of pictures when it arrives, so stay tuned for that!

After that it's: approve the sample, send t/t to the factory, and wait for copies of Convert to be made and shipped here! After that, comes the task of shipping each copy out to the backers!

Personal friend and backer, Brian Peace and I taking
a moment to sport our sweet Convert shirts!

Also, with all the help that we had received from Slugfest Games getting press for our kickstarter for Convert, we decided to give them thanks by helping demo their latest project: The Red Dragon Inn 4! It's amazing, and the Sea Event Deck adds another dimension to play!

Besides demoing for Slugfest Games, and meeting with our kickstarter backers, we were being very diligent with getting facetime with all the back-end side of the industry, meeting with: consolidators, fulfillment and warehousing people, talking with sales reps, and the like. This is sorta the "boring" side of things, but very necessary to bring you all games!

But all the "boring" stuff aside, we did manage to catch a break once in a while, and saw alot of the show too. Of course, it is every gamer's obligation to find and get pictures with their favorite character...


And one last note for those of you who fly out to these type of events: bring clothes that are OK if you throw them out, because you will need the luggage space for all your goodies! We brought home "Mice and Mystics" (It's so freakin' good!) and "Confusion", a spy game I had seen at toyfair a couple years ago (also really good). Space was needed, and Games > Clothing. Period.

I need to go get some more shorts...




Holy Crap! I remember you for then! I was Godzilla!

Posted by Matt Holland on April 18, 2014

Just met Ian today at Target in the backroom getting ready for Black Friday. How do I become a backer. a helper in return for a mentor in the business. Started Outside/Inside Toy Company but couldn’t find anyone in the business to help me other than Mona Swartz who was to expensive at the time. Around the last stock market crash when I lost all of my start up funds. Currently on the mend. Working on several start up companies with my son at ASU. Would love to chat with you guys. I’m here in Malvern, May the Force be with you, Al T.

Posted by Al Terrell on November 26, 2013

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