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Strategy Converted #8 - The Crab

During July, with all of the cookouts and BBQ's that the summer brings, we couldn't help but introduce this next delicious little piece.

The Crab
This piece is similar to the Bird on one side, but on the "head" side, you can really cause a stacking headache for your opponent! The "head" is higher than the "claws", and its only one square wide, so your opponent might have to waste their snail or their beetle to build on the the crab!

Simply put, the Crab's scoring works just like the Bird's. The Crab is 2 squares long on one row, and 2 squares long on another, which is great for combo moves. Unlike the Bird, though, it is more difficult to play on top of the Crab due to it's "head". Where the Bird wants you to play on top of it, The Crab does the opposite, and wants the opponent to stay away! When you combo with the Crab, notice how you are able to hold the squares in those spaces longer than most other pieces

Due to its strange shape, it is not uncommon to have a piece of the Crab sticking out somewhere on the board by the end of the game, even toward the lower level squares. You want to maximize this by timing the Crab just right. Also playing two of the three squares toward the edge of the board might help you achieve this better, but look out for Snails and Beetles!

Serving with the Crab has two different thought processes behind it. First, with the "head" up, you can more easily play this piece, but playing on it is hard. If you like playing the reclaim game, this might not be the strategy for you, unless you like to use your smaller pieces earlier in game play. Second, playing this piece "belly" up is more difficult, but can be more easily played on afterwards, making the reclaim game easier too (similar to playing the bird).



Last time was The Bird.
Next time, The Turtle will crawl in to finish our Convert piece spotlight.


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