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Strategy Converted #7 - The Bird

This next piece will be flying in to cause a whole flock of trouble! What kind of bird are you playing, the early bird...or the vulture?

The Bird
The "wings" of this piece can do more than just score, they can help you read what your opponent is thinking and how they tend to react to the things you are doing. Play the Bird, and then watch exactly what your opponent does next.

Similar to the Llamas, this piece covers an "L" shape of three squares. This means that it plays 2 squares on 2 rows. That should be good enough length during the game to get the point with another piece. If this is the very first piece you play, then play it in the corner covering two opposing squares, and you should be guaranteed a point (or two!) on your second piece, provided you opponent doesn't completely cover the Bird on their turn. 

The Bird is able to cover three squares. While this is great, be careful where you land this piece, or you will look like a stool pigeon when your opponent covers it and snags those points back. Don't be a stoolie when you square with the bird. Wait until your opponent can no longer cover this piece; be a vulture and get that cover 3 at the end!

Personally, I will play this piece with no intention of scoring (unless a two point move is available), but rather to see if my opponent tries to score or square after I've played it..even on the first turn!  *A mean trick: If you like playing this piece first, if you are white, play this piece in the corner in such a way that the black player cannot play their Elephant on their first turn! Leave them with their larger pieces unplayed, or played on top of their own color! However, if you are playing black, use this piece as your final squaring and spread the points by 6!



Last time was The Caterpillar.
But don't get crabby, because The Crab is next!


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