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Strategy Converted #6 - The Caterpillar

This next little guy is similar to the Beetle (Strategy Converted #3), but a little more ready to score and square, so he should be sure to really bug your opponent!

The Caterpillar
Being small can have its advantages in Convert. For one, you are easy to play. Another being that you can be opportunistic in the ruining of your opponents blueprint for success!

Being two squares long and one level tall, the Caterpillar can get you an easy point here and there, but the power of Caterpillar is really released in the re-converting of your old squares. It plays just like the Snail when you play the Snail "shell" up, but the Caterpillar doesn't have that extra "shell" level, so you can use it for easy bait, and get the re-convert afterwards! Use this little guy to take back old squares, and then later, reclaim the squares on top of the Caterpillar when your opponent takes the bait. Pretty efficient in getting points out of at least two pieces!

If you decide against that mid game point frenzy, the ease of play from this piece can snag you two squares if used at the end. Remember the strategy for the end game Beetle, for every point you have on the board at the end is a point also not given to your opponent, so the caterpillar can effectively be worth a spread of 4 points! Quite the little worker!

As mentioned in scoring, the caterpillar is easy to play on top of, even for the mid game larger pieces. Use this to your advantage, and re-convert your old squares! If your opponent doesn't take the bait, they might be tripping over their own pieces on the rest of the board!



Last time was The Snake.
Next time The Bird will be flying in!


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