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Strategy Converted #5 - The Snake

It's one of the worlds most feared animals, and certainly the bane of Indiana Jones. However, in Convert, the Snake will certainly charm you!

The Snake
The Snake is the longest flat sided piece in the game, and can stretch into scoring rows that the other pieces can only dream about. While its easy enough to play on the Snake's "back", your opponent will have to look out for the "head"!

When you first begin the game, you might notice that the Snake is the only piece can can score on the first turn for the white player, and is the most common first move amongst both the white and the black player. There is certainly nothing wrong with this, and we do it all the time too (I mean, hey, why not right? points are points!), but there are some cool things that playing a later Snake can do to the board, in case you have different ideas for your early game.

We won't deny, it's easy to convert on a snake, but that might not be all that bad when you are playing the "reclaim game", as in, working the same squares on the board for more points. Any piece that your opponent would have cannot completely cover the Snake, and you can take the squares back when they do. It's just all the better that it's already working in a straight line. 

During the early and mid game, make sure that you can play the Snake "back" side up. This is so you can maximize the the use of the "head" for climbing. Keep in mind the direction the "head" is going too, as you can block certain pieces with that two level climb. Another great mid game maneuver is to play the Snake somewhere across the center four squares. This can cause a divide in the board, as pieces that play from other squares will be climbing to the Snake, and pieces played on the Snake only make those sections higher! 

(See what we mean about the Snake divide? Danny plays a mid game black
snake and divides the board by two levels on both sides!)


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