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Strategy Converted #4 - The Llamas

Almost like twins...almost! If you don't keep watch over which Llama is which, you might just find yourself all penned up!

The Llamas
Better known in our group as "left Llama" and "right Llama", these pieces might just leave you tricking yourself when you play one early and one later. Even we sometimes find ourselves saying, "Darn it! I used the left/right Llama already!"  Become a master shepherd of the Llamas and you can really maximize your game!

Having a "head & neck" of two squares, and a "back" of two squares on a different row and level, you really get a lot of options with each Llama. Be mindful of the "head & neck" though, because that's the section of the two pieces that are different. The "head" is also the section of the piece that players pay the most attention to and try to score with, so be mindful of that. Look for rows on the board that contain two squares of your color and use the length of the "head & neck" and "back" to your advantage, rather than isolating the "head" square for a quick conversion.

The adjunct nature of the "head & neck" and "back" will probably leave you converting only 2 squares, although the times where your opponent has taken a lead in coverage, you can really get good usage out of the Llama to reclaim the board to your color more effectively. Playing a Llama later in the game might very well leave your opponent only able to convert one of the squares from this piece!

The Llamas like to climb. The Llama's shape makes it well suited for raising a quadrant of the board. That poses a question to you opponent, "Play within a 1/4 section of the board, or play within a 3/4 section of the board?". The Llamas can pen up your opponent like that! If you can score with a Llama and then present that option to your opponent, then get ready to have a great following turn!

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