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Strategy Converted #3 - The Beetle

Nature's little nuisance, or friendly little buddy? Depending on how you play this next piece, it could be both!

The Beetle
The single easiest piece to play in convert, the Beetle weighs in at one square wide by one level tall. While not as scary as say, all the other bugs in the world *gasp!*, the Beetle's passive nature is something that can be looked at with strategic charm. The ability to "pass" early to mid game can be quite powerful, and if saved until late game, you are almost guaranteed to have the square you played it in at the end of the game. 

The Beetle needs to find that right spot in order to be a worthwhile scoring piece. If you are looking to score a point from the beetle, keep an eye open for rows where you have three of your own color. You can always try to be crafty too, and have the Beetle set up one of your larger pieces next turn!

Keep in mind that at the end of the game, every square you have claimed (+1 point end of game), is a point that your opponent does not receive (effectively -1 point for your opponent). With that in mind, the Beetle can effectively be worth 2 points at the end of the game! This is also a great piece to play when play has concentrated onto a specific area of the board, early to mid-game. Snag that square when you can and it might help you broaden your color's area, setting up row scoring for later turns.

A great power of the Beetle is also to raise the level of ANY spot on the board by one level. This is powerful enough to stop an opponents progression into particular pieces they might want to play on certain spots. One level can also be passive enough to set a platform for pieces that you have yet to play. Playing on your own color isn't a loss with the Beetle either, if you can keep your opponent from converting your squares!

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