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Origins 2013 Recap, Plus 1 Week Into Kickstarter!

Origins was great fun this year and we definitely had many memorable moments. We met up with the crew from Slugfest Games and had a blast with them! One of the nights consisted of us frantically playing "Escape: The Curse of the Temple". It pretty much went like this:

Everyone quick! Roll keys! AAGGH! I'm stuck with black masks! Free me with a gold mask! RUN, Into the next room!! ...Wait...was that the GONG?! AAGHH!! QUICK RUN TO THE EXIT!!!! I'M GOING TO DIEEE!!!

Heh, yep! Just like that.

Such a great friendship with those guys also led to an awesome shout out at the Origins Day 1 recap on James Ernest podcast (we're in at 1:46:40). They certainly did a great job promoting our game that is currently kickstarting: Convert

Convert -- Kicktraq Mini

They liked it so much that they kept playing it again and again:

Sam Waller currently has the record for tallest scoring piece at 11 levels high!

Many other great things we had seen at Origins include the Nanobots booth. People..this game is slick, and we almost won the game at their demo! We will totally be backing their project. The Origins board room was full of great game players of all kinds, and we got to try out many new, popular, and classic games that we have never even seen before. It was our first time playing "7 Wonders" and "Caveman Curling", and a very interesting game "London".

Also, totally got Sorbo'd.

I was lucky he didn't think I was one of Hera's tricks and put me in an arm-bar and throw me through a table while jump kicking other attendees!

All in all a great time!
-Ian Reed


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