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January 1, Happy Birthday to!

Happy New Year to all, and a very Happy Birthday to! Today is the first day that our website will be available to the public to view!

2013 is going to be an exciting year for Yodeo Games, as this is the first year that we crawl out of our R&D basements, wipe the crusties out of our all-nighter eyes, and make ourselves known to the gaming world!

During this year, Yodeo Games will be releasing THREE titles for our company launch: 
  • Mizer: The Sagas - The start to our epic skirmish board game, followed up by a great comic series that allows for readers to participate in each issue by providing playable expansion scenarios that follow the storyline as it unfolds.

  • Meddling Mine - A crafty hand management card game, blacksmiths mine for ore and crystals to create master-crafted weapons. Beware though, as all the clanging of pickaxes and swords will awaken monsters that lay in waiting deep within the mine!

  • Convert - An excellent abstract wooden puzzle game that players literally stand up for. With each play, players claim rows and overlap their opponent by manipulating pieces to fit together into wooden towers.
Stay tuned for more exciting things to come!


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