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Welcome To Yodeo Games!

Our first post! Huzzah!

I just want to say thank you very much to all who have put up with my incessant request to playtest games that were half-done, look at images that were half-drawn, and listen to ideas that were half-baked. The support of good friends is overwhelming, and most appreciated!

Ok, ...enough of that mush! I almost threw up a little.

Yes, this is indeed the first post for Yodeo Games, and I want to welcome all of you that are newcomers to our site and to our creations! Being gamers ourselves, we fully enjoy creating games that embrace the gamer spirit by combining easy to understand mechanics with deep strategy. Not only are we gamers, but we are also artists, and strive to bring atmosphere into each game that we publish. Some games will be humorous and light, while some can be dark and eerie, but we hope all of them will be enjoyed by you!

So let this post be the official welcome mat, and come on in!

Learn more about the people behind the games in our "About us" section.



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