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Convert Monthly #10: Buried Treasure! *Play Variant*

So you have finished your game of Convert, now what? Dump all the pieces and start again? How about this, a new way of playing Convert, where you tear down the board AFTER is has been built! 

Being close to Halloween, this month's theme has inspiration from a popular Halloween costume: PIRATES! Do you remember where "X" was on your map? You might need to with this month's game!

Buried Treasure!

Setup: Either use the final form of a normal game of Convert, or build a construct using all the pieces.
Objective: Remove pieces from the board, and have more of your color showing at the end of your turn.

Play: Starting with the player who is showing the least amount of squares from the top, they remove any one piece from the board.
*That piece may not be currently covered by any other pieces.

Then, they count the number of squares showing for each color. If that player's color is the stronger color, they score the difference in strength.
*For example, if it was white's turn, and they were stronger by 2 squares, they would score 2 points. NOTE: If if was black's turn, and white was stronger by 2 squares, white does not get those points.

The game ends when there are no more pieces on the board. The player with the most points is the winner!


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