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Convert Monthly #9: The Eliminator

I know, I know, "Jeeze, it's about time!" A week into September to wait for the next Convert Monthly! Our appologies.

The reason: Job hunting. While I would love to have our games be 100% of our living income, its just not the case, so I had to supplement it. Such as life. No more worries though, as I have both a new "day job" AND a new Convert Monthly, with many more in the pipeline!

That said, this month is actually a pretty cool one. It is one of my favorites, as it is very "chessy". So let's jump right into it!

The Eliminator:

In this game of Convert, your pieces are your way to score AND your "hit points", so be careful! You are also trying to create rows of FIVE OR MORE squares, instead of four.

"Five Squares?!" you say? Yup. We are breaking a few rules in order to play The Eliminator. The first being: you can build off of the board (and will need to), but lets talk about the formal rules.

First, select which color you would like to play, and your first three pieces of that color.
These pieces are called your "Active Pieces", and do not count toward your supply (the rest of your pieces).

On your turn, do ONE of these three actions:

  • Play one of your "Active pieces" - You MAY build off of the board, however the piece must have a portion still on the board. Also, you CANNOT build on top of other pieces, even your own.
  • Slide - Without changing direction or orientation, you may slide one of your pieces on the board any number of squares in one direction. You CANNOT move through or over any pieces.
  • Recoil - You may also choose to remove on of your pieces from the board. (Sometimes you may need to do this if you cannot play an active piece, and can't slide.) If you do this, the removed piece goes to your supply, and the swapped piece goes to your available "Active pieces".

If you create a row of five or more squares, you get to eliminate on of your opponent's pieces from their supply!

Eliminate your opponent's entire supply to win!

Happy Converting!


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