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Convert Monthly Puzzle #7: Control Towers *2-player Game!*

DexCon 18 is here and we have a new game you can play with the Convert blocks! If you are in the Morristown, New Jersey area (in particular, The Hyatt), come try it out!

One of the things people ask us when learning how to play the standard game, is if placing a piece will take away a point from their opponent. We created a new game of taking control where you actually CAN fight for squares!

Enjoy this month's new game, and have a great July 4th :)

Control Towers...

While the normal game of Convert plays from a birds eye view, this variant "Control Towers" plays from a side view. 

Objective: Gain control of each scoring square (the 12 outer squares) by having the most layers of your color in that square's tower.

• Tower - A stack of blocks in one square

Play: Using standard placement rules (no gaps under pieces, no sideways pieces, no playing off of the board), take turns choosing one of your pieces and place it on the board. If you cannot play a piece, your turn is skipped! If no one can play a piece, proceed into scoring.

• In one of the outer squares, count the number of layers owned by black and/or white, as seen from the side. The player with the most layers of their color controls that tower in that square.

• In this game, only the 12 outside squares are scored
• Controlled towers are worth 1 point each. Ties for control are worth zero.
• The player with the most points wins!
• If there is a tie, the player with the most coverage on the entire board wins.


    If you don't have a copy of Convert, you can get it here, and follow along with the rest of the puzzles and games throughout the year!



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