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Origins 2015: After the dust settles

Whew! What a blast Origins was this year. It was even more of an important event for us because this was the FIRST large (over 2000 people) convention for Yodeo Games! This year, Origins set a new record with close to 16 thousand unique badges (and close to 40 thousand on turnstile), so we knew we were going to have our hands full!

Our FIRST day:
We (Devon and I) pulled into the loading dock with all of our booth stuff: shelves, tables, chairs, signs and ... oh! This would have been a crappy multiple trip load in, due to the hand truck I had was not up to the task. The darn thing felt more like being a tricycle than a cart.

But HARK! Who is that in the parking lot I see? A man with a cart!
"Are those from the convention hall?" I asked. The man revealed that the cart was his own, but would gladly help up bring our stuff into the hall. After he helped us bring stuff in, we in turn helped him too.

During this time, we came to know his name: Andy Hopp!
Guys, Andy is a TERRIFIC illustrator! He showed us his word of Mutha Oith, and all the giggities that live there! I am grateful that he helped us, and it is always at events like this that you meet the most awesome people.

Once we were set up Devon got a picture of the booth!

We showed Convert and Masters of Disguise this year!
(Also in this picture is our friendly neighbor Gil Hova from Formal Ferret!)

For being such a small company, our game Convert pushed us into gaming relevancy at this show. I unfortunately wont have too many photos, because we were slammed with people wanting demos of Convert the whole time! 

However, while people overlooked what was going on, we DID overhear people say:

"Hey! That was the game I saw being playing at  __(fill in the blank)__."
  • Barley's (across the street)
  • Bar on 2 (the convention center's bar)
  • *Open gaming areas, like the café or "The Board Gaming Hall"*
  • We were apparently everywhere thanks to everybody! SCORE! (and THANK YOU!)

    The other three days were a blur, however, later into the show I met with Shari Spiro of Ad Magic. Her company manufactured Cards Against Humanity, and I learned a different side to CAH that I hadn't truly considered. She enlightened me by saying that while she understands that people who don't like CAH exist, she ignores them and takes pleasure in the people who really enjoy it, and have FUN, because that's what it is about. On top of that, the success that CAH brought, she was able to expand her company to be able to (in her words) "make people's dreams come true", and pave the way for new games! So I say thank you CAH, and Shari. Great company!

    Also glad to have a new friend in Chris O'neal (1/2 of the Boss Monster brothers). We sat down for dinner on the final evening, and talked about the direction of different things, and gave insight on Convert, Masters of Disguise, and future projects. His experience in "geek culture" was invaluable to listen to, and will have an impact on things to come from Yodeo Games. (Also, pick up Boss Monster 2, it's fun!)

    Well I could write a novel on the great time we had at Origins, so let me wrap it up by listing some of the cool people we met. Sorry if we didn't list you! Call me out on it in the comments! :)

    All in all a GREAT show!


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