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Convert Monthly Puzzle #6: Think Inside the Box *2-player game!*

Origins 2015 is just a few days away and we are getting really amped to show Yodeo Games to the convention world (at least at this magnitude) for the FIRST time!

With all the gaming goodness going around, we wanted to show a new game to play with the Convert blocks!

This month won't have a "winner" per say, as it is not a contest, but hey, a new game! We hope you enjoy it!

Think Inside the Box...

One of the things people mention from time to time, is that putting the blocks away without the help from the rules card is a game in itself. In fact, our very first puzzle on this site was a different way to build that 4x4x4. What happens then, when doing just that becomes competitive? Well, you get a new game!

Objective: Do not place a piece outside of the box (dotted line).

Play: Using standard placement rules (no gaps under pieces, no sideways pieces), take turns choosing a piece and placing it on the board. You must play a piece every turn, there is no passing/skipping of turns.

Winning (2 ways):  

  1. The player who forces their opponent to build outside of the dotted line is the winner!
  2. The player who forces their opponent to not be able to play any pieces at all is the winner!

Variants: There are a couple of play variants to this game:

  1. Each player chooses to play as either white or black.
  2. OR, all pieces can be taken from a communal pool of pieces.


If you don't have a copy of Convert, you can get it here, and follow along with the rest of the puzzles throughout the year!

Note: This month is not a contest. There will not be a "winner" this month, however.. if you want to send us picture of you playing this months puzzle, go for it! 

We have some great pictures so far, and will love to have an "End of the Year" news post to share with all of you!


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