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Doing Dreamation 2015 right.

If you remember how much of a scramble Dreamation 2014 was for us, then 2015 will look like a well oiled machine! This year's Dreamation went off without a hitch, but that didn't keep the interesting stories from happening...


It started before Dreamation even happened, when I had received my Convert events schedule e-mail. Now, I thought that 10-12m meant 10am to 12pM, so I woke up at 5:30am, and drove up to Morristown, NJ.
   Once I had arrived, I loaded up my hand truck with the details to my booth, and in a very relaxed manner, strolled down to the Hyatt lobby, only to wander into a completely clear lobby, devoid of convention tables....I was no longer "relaxed".
   "Am I at the right place?", I thought. As I looked to my right, I saw Vinny and Avie (The folks who run the show) enjoying a nice breakfast. As I tried to respectfully not disturb their meal, I asked them what was happening.... Apparently, 12m had meant "Midnight", and Dreamation didn't start until 7pm that night!! Whoops!! At least breakfast was a decent time to have egg on my face.
   To kill time, I had volunteered to fill convention membership envelopes, before setting up for our first night, and later that evening, our first Convert event. 

First night's Convert event: 1 player plus myself.

Here's the shot of our booth from later that day:


I reset my booth with plenty of time to meet and greet my neighbors a little better than I could the first day. These were:

Couple of strong dudes, with J.R. Honeycutt of The Nerd's Table

I also had my great friends Dave and Yvonne Kalis help me out at our booth, while I ran our second Convert event!
Second night's Convert event: 2 players plus myself

It was a really great day...until we got back to our off-site hotel, 10 minutes north of the convention. Apparently, there was an attempted murder! (Thank goodness the victim is still alive!). Of course, a good way to alleviate stress is humour, so the rest of the night involved bits from John Mullaney's stand-up routine about Law and Order: SVU. Good grief.


Saturday was the day my booth babe (my girlfriend Devon) showed up!

I think the words "cutie" and "patootie" are in order.

By now, we had about a dozen people show up to our booth, mentioning that they heard of Convert and to try it for themselves...TOTAL WIN in my book!!

Also, now that I had a full regalia of servants, I was free to try out our latest game: "Masters of Disguise". J.R. Honeycutt followed the game by asking "why can't I buy this game right now?", as well as Aaron DeMark from Ad Magic commenting "This game looks great!" so i'll call that a little bit of a success :)

Third nights' Convert event: 3 players plus myself (keeps getting bigger!)


The last day is usually a short one, usually involving cleanup and the like, but that didn't stop the craziness from happening, as the AMC theatre attached to the convention center had their smoke detectors go off. This caused the rounding up plenty of fire engines and cold movie-goers, as they stood outside waiting for things to clear up.

That said, our last day's event was full!
Last days' Convert event: 7 players plus myself!!

All in all it was a great event where we made a bunch of new friends. Friends we can't wait to see again at the next convention.

Doug Levandowski (center) and myself

See ya next time!

P.S. Confirmation of Yodeo Games being at Origins this year is a go! We are already ready to set up our booth! bring it on!


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