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Convert Monthly Puzzle #2: Just in time for a Valentine!

Happy February everyone!
We're back with a new puzzle, where we will try to "Convert" your brains yet AGAIN! If you can complete the puzzle, you will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE T-shirt!
This one is a little tougher than last month's, so give it your best shot!
The rules of the contest are simple: (Both must be completed to be eligible.)

1. Use the wooden blocks from our game Convert to complete the puzzle below, then E-mail us a picture of your completion at with the word "Contest" in the subject line. 

2. Share this contest through facebook, twitter, pinterest or google+.

There will only be one winner each month. Each Convert contest starts on the 1st of each month, and will run until the 14th of that month. E-mail Addresses will not be distributed, and the email you provide upon completion of the puzzle will be the email address that the notifications of winnings will be sent to.

ALSO! While it doesn't effect the outcome of the drawings, the sillier the picture the better! We had some great pictures so far, and will love to have an "End of the Year" news post to share with all of you!

Just in time for a Valentine!

I heard a secret... that Black Llama likes White Llama! Ooooooh! A rumor just in time for Valentines day! Wait...what's that? What's a Llama?! Well, these are! (right) 
To show its affection, Black Llama has made a Valentine for White Llama. The trouble is, as the finishing touches were being put on the Valentine, all of the pieces dropped on the ground and some of them were lost! Can you help Black Llama rebuild a Valentine in time for Valentine's Day?

If you don't have a copy of Convert, you can get it here, and follow along with the rest of the puzzles throughout the year!



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