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Convert Monthly Puzzle #1: Our first-foot

Want a FREE Convert T-shirt? 
The 1st of every month we will try to stretch that grey matter of yours with a new puzzle. If you can complete the puzzle, you will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE T-shirt!  
The rules of the contest are simple: (Both must be completed to be eligible.)

1. Use the wooden blocks from our game Convert to complete the puzzle below, then E-mail us a picture of your completion at with the word "Contest" in the subject line.

2. Share this contest through facebook, twitter, pinterest or google+.

There will only be one winner each month. Each Convert contest starts on the 1st of each month, and will run until the 14th of that month. E-mail Addresses will not be distributed, and the email you provide upon completion of the puzzle will be the email address that the notifications of winnings will be sent to.

First Foot Puzzle: Two Loaves of Bread

This being January 1st, we decided that the first contest should be in honour of "first-foot" traditions. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the tradition, first-foot is quite fun. It is the first person to enter a household upon the new year. The first-foot usually brings several gifts, including perhaps a coin, bread, salt, coal, or a drink, which represent financial prosperity, food, flavour, warmth, and good cheer respectively.

We wish to spread this good cheer, and our first-foot gift we bring to you is a puzzle that represents food for your mind. Without further ado, we present our first puzzle:


If you don't have a copy of Convert, you can get it here, and follow along with the rest of the puzzles throughout the year!



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