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Scramble to Dreamation 2014!!!

With our first game, Convert, produced and in hand, It's time to show off our hard work! Before I go into some of the conventions we plan on doing, I'll go into a funny little story of this past weekend - DREAMATION 2014.

Those of you who might be familiar with Dexcon (July - Morristown, NJ), might also be familiar with some of the smaller cons also held by Vincent Salzillo: Dreamation and Maelstrom.

We contacted Vinny this past Friday, looking toward Maelstrom in April...plenty of time to get ready.
Well, he replied:

Hi Ian,
We can discuss MAELSTROM next week, but if you can get to DREAMATION tonight or tomorrow, I'll make sure you get a membership and a table to demo your game!

Our reply to that:

Tomorrow sounds good, Thank you very much!

What I was THINKING:

Of course, that was followed up with a phonecall to Dan Yee, with a big old  "guess what you're doing tomorrow..."

Turned out pretty good, and a frequently asked question was posed to us throughout the show: "Are you guys hosting a Convert Tournament?" Well we weren't, but this question posed an interesting opportunity for future shows.

Look for a Convert Tournament at MAELSTROM 2014 in April!

After that, Look for us at Origins in June.


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