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Convert is now available!

The kickstarter is done, we are finishing up shipping to backers, and people have been asking for HERE IT IS!


Wow. A successful game launch! We feel unbelievably lucky and grateful to all who have been a part of this and have made it happen. So thankful, in fact that we included the helpers (backers, family and friends) on a credits panel, found right when you open the box!

Ahem, pardon the grainy cellphone pictures...


We are also now on shelves in stores too! While some stores are waiting on shipping, we were able to hand deliver copies to our local game stores:

  • The Games Keep LLC in West Chester, PA
  • 7th Dimension Games in Jenkintown, PA

Expect alot more of this sight!


Lets get Converting.



P.S. Stay tuned as we'll soon give a preview of our next upcoming title, Meddling Mine!


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I just saw this game reviewed on TableForTwo ‘s YouTube show (season 2 Episode 1). Very cool! I’m most excited because this is a great game for a grandparent to play with their grandkids. Simple in design, easy to score, yet still a challenging game. I must also thank you, the creators of Convert, for an extra “gift”. It is SO RARE that I find a game that my dad can play. You see, he’s colorblind and nearly all the boardgames are dependent on color. This game will be perfect!! Thank you!

Posted by Sheryl on December 10, 2014

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