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Convert on the way.

Well, we would have liked for this to be "here" rather than "almost here" but we can confirm that Convert is now completely finished on the production end.

The hiccup? Freight forwarding.

Not to worry though, they are on their way, as we have it straightened out now. Unfortunately it will be a little later than we, and you, had planned.
For this we apologize, as we know that this was something that many of our kickstarter backers had meant to be Christmas presents for friends and family members. Also, many who weren't backers were looking forward to being able to hit the "Add to cart" button on the Convert page in December.

And just because I believe in transparency, here was what our plan was supposed to look like:
We wanted to have Convert finished, freighted, and shipped out to people by the first week of December.
Those who had planned this as a present, we wanted for you all to crack open the box and dominate your family on Christmas day. We were excited to see pictures of you doing just that. 

Of course, the manufacturing side of things went very well, and timely. The rest...not so much.
The freight forwarder that we had originally landed with was unresponsive, and two weeks in, we only got a "Will work on rate" response. Pure crap.

We figured at that point there should have already been a rate, space designated, and a delivery ETA. Nope.

Thankfully some of our personal contacts put us in touch with a diligent freight forwarder, and we are thankful for that.
Because of the holiday season, many products coming out of China are on planes (smartphones, tablets, etc. take a majority of planes leaving for Chinese exportation purposes), so this left boating the only alternative. And boating is s-l-o-w. Around 30 days slow. 

It's crap. We know it, you know it. They are on their way though, and I will keep everyone posted on ETA. Backers on kickstarter, understand that you each have a copy or two (depending on level, maybe even a shirt) already with your name on it.

Our apologies


In the meantime, we can show where we are in the process (final product images).


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